Lamb Shed Crumbs

Lamb Shed Crumbs

This product is formulated to increase the milk production of ewes, as well as to maintain their condition. It is mixed from high quality raw materials to ensure intake.

Uses:  Ewes must be adapted on the product for optimal utilization and digestion of nutrients within the crumbs. The adaptation will ensure that ewes produce sufficient milk and give birth to strong lambs of 4 to 5 kg, which will have a better chance of survival and will result in heavier weaning weights.

When started feeding the TW Lamb Shed crumbs all lick additions must be discontinued.

Adapt as follows:

4 weeks before lambing - 500 grams per day
3 weeks before lambing - 750 grams per day
2 weeks before lambing - 1 kg per day
1 week before lambing - 1,25 kg per day

After lambing:

Ewes with single lambs - 1 kg per day as supplementation
Ewes with twins - 2 kg per day as supplementation
Ewes with triplets - ad lib for at least 60 days after lambing

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