Heilbron, in the Free State, is the home of Telwiedrè Voere, a highly successful animal feed mill business.

In the late 1990s Ters Pretorius, whose responsibilities on the family farm encompassed the sowing of crops and the feeding requirements of the pigs on the farm, first conceived of the idea to establish a mill in the Riemland area.

Since the town of Heilbron and surrounding areas constitute a small community, the feed mill quickly became so well known that neighbouring and other nearby farmers started to bring their maize to them in order to procure the proper recipes for their particular needs.

The success of a feed mill depends on the sustainable acquisition of high quality and cost-effective raw materials that need to be delivered to the mill promptly and timeously.

Telwiedrè strives to produce as much of its own raw materials and resources as far as possible, or to purchase these from farmers in the Riemland, who are viewed as partners.