HPC 40 Urea free

HPC 40 Urea free

This product is a urea free, high flow through protein (high bypass protein) concentrate with a protein content of 40%, which can be used for the self mixing of high quality animal feeds. It has the following features:-

*           Contains a minimum of up to 4 different high quality natural flow through (bypass) protein sources in a unique combination, with an excellent amino acid composition to complement and optimize the amino acid profile of the bacterial protein to ensure excellent animal performance. In this regard, it is essential that no more than 60% of the total flow through protein is derived from one raw material source [Klopfenstein et al., 1985].
*           Contains the highest flow through (bypass) protein content in its class in the market to meet the specific nutritional requirements of high-producing animals, such as late-pregnant and lactating ewes, as well as fast-growing lambs.
*           Due to the unique combination of flow through (bypass) protein sources in the product, it contains the best amino acid profiles for udder development; colostrums, milk and wool production; as well as muscle growth of lambs and semen production of breeding rams.
*           If used in feed mixtures, it provides the limiting useful essential flow through amino acids that stimulate feed intake; promote growth and improve feed conversion efficiency.
*           The proven results of this product in practice speak for itself.

Recommendation:  Mix one bag with a mixture of sheep feed to improve protein quality of final product per ton of feed.  HPC intake will depend on production stage.

This animal feed contains an NPN source and must be fed strictly according to recommendations.  Do not feed with another NPN containing animal feed.  Protect feed against rain.  NPN is soluble and animals drinking such a solution can be poisoned.

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