Futa Ewe lick HPC

Futa Ewe lick HPC

Ewe lick HPC (50% protein) is an ideal product for the self mixing of licks for sheep. The concentrate contains all the necessary protein and minerals for the self mixing of a complete lick. The concentrate can be mixed with salt, molasses, grains, as well as other farm produced products. High levels of trace minerals are included for the final lick to contains optimal levels.

Ewe lick HPC can also be used to mix a complete composition of feed for ewes.

Ewe lick HPC must never be given to animals unmixed.

Mixtures, as set out below, are recommended for animals in different production stadia. Consult the Telwiedré representatives/marketers for other mixing ratio's if and when your ingredients differ from those set out in the example.


Mixture 1 - For lactating ewes as well as a stimulant feed.
Mixture 2 - Use for lactating ewes and growth of young lambs on green pastures and soy remains.
Mixture 3 - As a maintenance lick for animals on dry winter pastures and harvest
Mixture 4 - Use as lactating lick for young ewes with twins.

This animal feed contains a NPN source and must be fed strictly according to recommendations. Do not feed with another NPN containing animal feed. Protect feed against rain. NPN is soluble and animals drinking such a solution can be poisoned.

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