Dairy Calf Grower

Dairy Calf Grower

Producing of a high quality dairy cow, starts with the birth of the animal. She begins her life as a monogastric animal which then develop into a ruminant. To stimulate the rumen without a fattening deposit into the kidney tissue is the purpose of the nutrition programme during the first 6 months of the life of the calf.

*  High quality natural protein is needed for the optimal development and growth of calves, and

*  There is no NPN in the Calf Starter product which optimizes growth.

Make use of this product from 3 months of age up until ±6 months of age at 3 kg per animal per day with good roughage or on pastures, ad lib.

Products available in meal/mash and pellet form.

This animal feed contains a NPN source and must be fed strictly according to recommendations. Do not feed with another NPN containing animal feed. Protect feed against rain. NPN is soluble and animals drinking such a solution can be poisoned.

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