Cattle Finisher

Cattle Finisher

Limit the intake to 2½% of body weight to prevent digestion/eating disorders. Give free excess to feeds for animals in a finishing phase. Supply roughage ad lib separately. Feeding traystroughs must be full at all times.

Give to calves in feedlots weighing >240kg up until finishing stage (slaughtering) ad lib with roughage separately. Old cows and bulls for slaughtering purposes can also be finished off by using this product.

General guidelines:

All cattle must be dosed on arrival - consult a veterinarian accordingly.

- Inject or dose for internal and external parasites.
- Inject or vaccinate against general feedlot diseases (respiratory diseases).
- Implant a growth stimulant.

Adapt animals gradually with concentrate products for 10 to 14 days. Feed animals twice daily. Supply fresh and clean drinking water at all times. Sufficient manger space is essential (20cm per animal) - 10 to 15m² "floor" space per animal. Provide shade, if possible.

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