Game Maintenance pellets

Game Maintenance pellets

Products can be utilized for all game and exotic game species.

Game Maintenance pellets can also be fed to animals in bomas, as well as during periods when feed is scarce.

The inclusion of optimum levels of organic and anorganic minerals enhances re-production, horn growth and reduction of stress levels.

* For ALL types of game species [exotic, as well as other "ordinary" types].
* Only high quality natural protein and first grade raw materials are used to give game species excellent production abilities.
* Enhance horn growth.
* Lowering of stress levels - animals are more relaxed.
* The genetic potential of animals is reached quicker.
* Increases fertility - more calves and lambs.
* Very tasty product.
* Pellets increase intake and reduce wastage.
* Contains no urea.
* Increase utilization of pastures.


Recommended intake:  Give to animals at 1 to 1.5% of body weight with free excess to hay and veld pastures. Increase intake 1,6 times for lactating game. Adjust animals gradually on feed pellets.

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